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Betting Basics: Your Guide To Online Betting

Swingers, Trifectas, Pick6, Jackpots – it can all get a bit overwhelming and we understand that! So, we’ve put together a few points to hopefully get you started on your way to placing the bets that are right for you.


Fixed Odds

This type of betting is offered for all sports at Interbet under the following tabs:

  • Vegas Games
  • Numbers
  • Horses
  • Soccer Zone
  • All Sport

Fixed odds betting means that your potential profit or loss is fixed by the odds offered by the bookmaker.

Example: If you were to place a bet of R100 on the favourite in a soccer game to win at 1/5 (or 1.20 as showed in decimal odds), the amount you could return if you win is fixed at R20 and the return of your stake. The amount you could lose is also fixed at R100.

What are the benefits of Fixed Odds betting?

  • Hundreds of fixed odds markets across a diverse range on local and international sporting events
  • Live Betting betting markets, available while the game is on – visit Live Betting here
  • Accumulator and multiple betting options available

Tote and Exotic Betting

Unlike the bookmaker who offers you fixed odds, the tote offers you a pool bet. This type of bet pools together the money received from all the bets on a particular race and distributes a share to each of the winners. Tote or pool betting works similar to the National Lottery.

Exotic bets can be found on the tote under the names Exacta, Trifecta, Swinger, Quartet, Double, Pick 3, Bipot, Place Accumulator and Jackpot. While straight bets all involve one horse, exotic bets involve 2 or more horses. The exotics are obviously harder to win but the payoff on exotic bets is much higher due to the risk to reward ratio, bigger risks, bigger rewards!

  • Minimum Stake on Tote = R6.00
Win Win

Bet on a horse to win

Place Place

Bet on a horse to finish in the placings. Note that the number of horses qualifying for place payouts depends on the number of runners in that particular race.

  • Five runners or less: No Place Betting
  • Six to seven runners: 1st, 2nd places
  • Eight to 15 runners: 1st, 2nd and 3rd places
  • 16 or more runners: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places