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Soccer 6 Betting at Interbet

Predict the results of ALL six matches to win. When you select one option for each match your bet costs just R6. You can increase the chances of receiving a payout by selecting multiple options in each match. The record payout for Soccer 6, is R233,824.

Soccer 10 Betting at Interbet

Soccer 10 is like the Soccer 6 bet but there are 10 matches to predict correctly. There are also payouts for 9 correctly predicted matches, and each bet only costs R2. You can select multiple options for each match and increase your chances of receiving a payout. The record payout for Soccer 10, is R2,106,857.

Soccer 13 Betting at Interbet

Soccer 13 jackpots are massive Soccer pools where you predict the result of 13 matches. To win the jackpot dividend you must predict all 13 matches correctly. There can be multiple jackpot winners and there are also payouts for 10, 11, and 12 correctly predicted matches too. Each bet combination costs just R2, and you can choose multiple options for each match.

There are three Soccer 13 jackpot pools every week. Saturday’s Soccer 13 V1 jackpot pool averages R20-30 million per pool while the mid-week and Sunday Soccer 13 V2 jackpot pools average R10-15 million. If there is only one winning jackpot ticket (all 13-matches) the guaranteed payout will be R10 million.

Soccer 6 zone Features

Our unique and exciting Soccer 6 zone gives you access to loads of features. Research teams before you place your bets and after kick-off, track your Soccer 6, Soccer 10, and Soccer 13 bets during the live matches. You can also view updated potential dividends for winning bets whilst the matches are on the go. This live information will get your heart pumping and your eyes popping as you move into the winner’s circle.

Soccer 6 offers and promotions

Soccer 6, Soccer 10, and Soccer 13 bets are included in our cashback loyalty program, and you will earn cash back on your bets.